Say farewell to overwhelm, and completely transform any area of your life or business in just 30 days.

Are you constantly trying to get caught up? Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to do the things you need to do? Does your health and joy and wellbeing get pushed down your to-do list?  You're not alone.  

Maybe you’ve got some good habits and routines but some bad ones that hold you back too. Maybe you waste a couple hours throughout the day scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, zapping your focus. Or you only eat if you remember to in between driving the kids to school and your first meeting. Or you spend too much time beating yourself up with negative self-talk. And creating a new routine? "Who has time for that?!" you wonder.

Somedays you feel so overwhelmed with what you should be doing -- like writing that book, hitting the gym, getting up earlier to go through a solid routine, learning that skill, starting that spiritual practice -- that you become completely paralyzed, and would rather curl up in bed than write a word, or chant a single Om.

And to top it all off? People who start similar businesses, run their households, commit to the same fitness routines, or use the same apps you do seem to be getting so much further ahead. You don't just feel like you're not doing enough, but that you are not enough.

What if I told you there was a better path forward? A path of less resistance and overwhelm, and more ease and flow?

What if in this moment you remembered you could decide...

To release the bad habits you have for good.
To get fit.
To get that raise/hit that revenue goal.
To write that book.
To start that meditation practice.
To learn how to cook like a French chef

… And know, with complete confidence, you will make it happen this time because you have a GPS that will take you straight to what you desire to create most in your life?

Not only is it possible, it’s easier than you think. And it all starts with  


A 30-day experience delivered straight to your inbox to guide you through my system for building habits and creating a powerful new Ritual all in about 10 minutes a day. 

I created Ritual for a very simple reason:

This is the system that transformed my life and business when I got burnt out after moving to a new country and wrapping a big book tour. It's how I got back to joy and freedom and aliveness. How could I not share this with you?! 

The best part of Ritual was setting a reward. Having something to look forward to made me have more determination. And I loved the worksheets! I took away many big lessons: starting small is totally fine and it actually works. At the beginning there were days when all I would do for the exercise part would be one yoga pose. Only one yoga pose! But I still felt I had accomplished my goal and that helped me to keep motivated and feeling I was on track instead of feeling the opposite for doing just one pose. Eventually I managed to do 10 or 20 minutes every day for the remainder of Ritual. 
– Mary Avila
I wanted to wake up earlier to cultivate a good morning routine. Going to bed early was my hardest challenge and having more time in the morning was my great motivator to not hit that snooze button. I love the daily emails to keep me inspired and motivated throughout Ritual, and I would absolutely recommend Ritual to a friend.
– Vone Kevitz

Ritual is designed for you if you are ready to…

  • Release your not-so-great habits, and replace them with incredible new habits that will truly nourish you -- mind, body, and soul.
  • Set goals, and actually hit them. As long as they serve you at the highest level, that is!
  • Kick overwhelm to the curb, and take a new, laser-focused approach to achieving what you want most, and creating the life you’ve really been dreaming of. 
  • Stop getting down on yourself and comparing yourself to others. Focus instead on winning your own inner game, and finding ways to enjoy the process of intentionally architecting the way you work, play, and make things happen in your world. 

In case we don't know each other yet, I'm Natalie MacNeil.

I'm an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and the creator of My Ritual has empowered me to:
  • Write two bestselling books
  • Lead my year-long incubator The Conquer Club, and serve thousands of clients
  • Travel the world to study with healers and complete trainings in subjects I'm interested in, while still growing my business 
  • Recover from burnout, and get healthier than I've ever been  
  • … And more 
All in the same year!

Though it felt pretty miraculous -- there was no supernatural support involved.

All it took was getting serious about my habits and routines, and learning how to shape my days around the goals I most wanted to achieve. 

Now, I’m passing this system on to you inside Ritual. 

Our habits and routines are the most underrated, under-celebrated part of our lives. 

Everyone has routines -- from the way we eat (or don’t eat) breakfast in the morning, to the way we work (or procrastinate) to the way we go to bed at night (or fall asleep in front of our laptops or the TV).

But when you learn to master these routines, and turn them into Rituals that support the life you truly want to create?

Everything changes.

Making huge shifts, hitting goals, deepening your spiritual practices, getting healthy, and more begins to feel easy, fun, and doable.

And then when you have a new goal in mind? All you have to do is decide, and go after it.
I am so thrilled to guide you on your own unique Ritual journey over the next 30 days.  

Here’s how RITUAL breaks down:

Over the 4 weeks of the program, you’ll take a good look at exactly where you are in your life now, what your goals are, and plot a step-by-step path to get there by selecting a Ritual and accompanying habits and routines that will put you on the fast track to exactly what you desire. 
For 30 days, you’ll get emails from me, including super short action steps, audios, meditations, and worksheets some days, and encouragement love notes on others.
These emails will teach you the most powerful secrets to habit-building, from exactly how to start building a habit that will last, to identifying “triggers” and “cues”, to releasing and replacing habit-breakers to increase your chances for following through and creating a Ritual that elevates every area of your life. 
You won’t just add good habits either - you’ll learn approaches to actually eradicating bad habits for good, so you can focus on crafting your most intentional life. 
You’ll set up rewards and incentives for yourself to stay on track and keep your momentum.  
There’s a ton of mindset and self-love training baked in too, so you can shift your thought patterns, remember to enjoy the process, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, and rock your Ritual journey! 

Are you ready to transform your life and business over the next 30 days inside Ritual? 

Your journey will kick off this Sunday!

I’m ready to start Ritual! Let’s go.

For me, the best part of Ritual was the worksheets. I love looking at myself and really figuring out where I am and where I need to go. The biggest lesson was to start small. I chose to create a bedtime routine where I put my phone and laptop away at least 30 minutes before bed and to read instead. I started out with a goal of 1 page per night, but immediately I read more than that. 
– Meredith Morrison
Natalie’s voice is so calm and reassuring! I love the audios and having reminders were good. Having a focus time to “just do it” rather than plan to do it at some future point was helpful. I learned that change is easier than you think if you approach it in a steady and focused manner.
– Tanya Rutherford

The ultimate goal of Ritual = For you to find your flow again, and intentionally design a life that brings you joy and makes you feel free. 

So we’ve kept things super simple.  

Here’s a recap of what we’ll cover in our 30 days together:  
  • A step-by-step system for building great habits, routines, and Rituals that last. 
  • Insights on goal setting and life design to make sure you set yourself up with a nourishing, healthy, completely achievable goal for your 30 days. 
  • Visualization techniques to strengthen your connection to your future self. 
  • Meditation to help you feel confident along the Ritual road. 
  • Tricks for identifying your triggers that spark any less-than-awesome habits you have now, so they can be replaced with better habits. 
  • Strategies for avoiding what we call “slides”, a.k.a. Motivation killers, and hiccups along your path to habit building that can send you back to Square 1.  
  • Reflection exercises to see what’s working and what’s not in your Ritual journey so you can test, tweak, and only choose the habits and rituals that work best for you. 
  • … And more. 

Every journey starts with a single step. Ready to take that step?  

I’m ready, Natalie!